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Our Motto

The motto of Darsana reads in Sanskrit: Pavitrataya Deva Darsanam, (In Hindi it reads: Pavitrata se Deva Darsan). It means Vision of God through Purity. The basis of this motto is the sixth Beatitude as it is found in the Sermon on the Mount: Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God (Mt.5.8).

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Our Vision

Attainingthe knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment and experiencing the Vision of the God through purity, simplicity and openness of oneself, to the other, to the Universe and the Absolute.

Our Mission

Enabling the seekers the Divine Vision to get liberated from bondages of ignorance, ego-centeredness and narrow mindedness. Also,

  • Encouraging the lovers of Divine Wisdom to be open to the presence of the Word in the culture, language, traditions and ways of life of people in the context.

  • Equipping the messengers of the Good News to be authentic and genuine,-to be pure in thought, word and action that they may become effective instruments of the Divine Vision that they have experienced.


Let us have the vision of God
through purity;
Let purity be achieved through
action, wisdom and devotion.
Let the whole world enjoy peace,
Let every being live comfortably;
Let ever Journey
through the way of liberation
For men, with a stable consciousness
and equanimity.
Let the mind achieve eternal truth
Through the yogic practices of
yama and niyama etc.
Let this true path of
the Master of the Universe
Enlighten this beautiful house of wisdom

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