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Darsana Samaj Kalyan Samiti(DSKS)

  • The Saturday forenoon shall be totally dedicated for the DSKS activities. The programmes of the DSKS shall be a part of his academic curriculum that carries two credits.
  • One of the important activities of the DSKS shall be providing free tuition in village schools. The secretaries of the DSKS together with the director shall see to the smooth, effective and regular functioning of the DSKS activities.
  • Students involved in the activities like remand home and old age home visit, prison ministry, leprosy colony visit, etc. shall involve in it regularly for the whole year. Exception to this shall be granted only by the DSKS director. A monthly report of the activities shall be prepared by each student and submit it to the director which will be counted for the final evaluation of the two-credit coerce of the DSKS activities.
  • Village exposure programme (VEP): The VEP also forms the part of the academic curriculum having two credits. An orientation shall be given to the students before undertaking the exposure programme. The exposure programme is at least for a period of ten days. Each student has to prepare a report of ten pages consisting the activities in which one has involved during the exposure programme, the personal criticism and the evaluation of the activities undertaken.
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  • To Raise Poor-Fund
  • To help the poor
  • At Pipri(P) School
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