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Onam was celebrated on 31st August, Sunday morning at 7.00, we had solemn Malayalam Mass was presided over by FR. Panthenuss Pookattu. Keralities from neighborhood and sisters from different religious communities had come for the Mass. After the Mass there were different cultural programmes. In the afternoon we had a sumptuous Onam special banquet prepared by our own brothers. With that we concluded our Onam celebrations. 





Our second year brothers had a one day outing to Nagpur on 30th of August. Fr.Tomy accompanied them. They visited St.Charlse Seminary, Nagpur Archdiocese Cathedral and many other places. The center of India fascinated them and they could understand the importance of Nagpur in India.






On 23rd August there was an extension lecture given by Fr. Job. Many fathers, brothers and sisters from different religious groups had come to attend the lecture. The topic of the lecture was: “Pope Francis on Big Bang Theory and Evolution.”







On   21st August debate was conducted. Fr. Job Kozanthadam S.J was the moderator for the debate. Debate was conducted on the theme Diversity of Religion. Phoenix group got 1st prize for the debate and Bro. Kiran was selected as the best debater.





We had two weeks of football coaching by Fr. Rolvin D’mello SDB who had come here to take class for the 2nd year brothers on Media and Communication. The coaching was very beneficial for us. We all were able to find out our special skills in football.




On august 15th together with the feast of Assumption of Our Lady we celebrated the 69th Independence Day of our nation. In the Morning we had the Solemn Mass presided over by Fr. Panthenus. Soon after the mass we had flag hosting in front of the chapel. Bro. Bobby gave a marvelous speech about the importance of the day. Exactly at 9.00 am celebrations of Sant Chavara School begun at Sant Chavara auditorium. Children performed different cultural programmes and their parents also were present for the programme. 





We had a grand quiz competition under the initiative of DKS. It was conducted on 12th August and the main theme of the quiz was on the book, New Vision for the New Mission, the history of Darsana. Phoenix group were the privileged to get the 1st prize for the competition.





Following the tradition of Darsana we all the 1st years or the kids of Darsana were taken out for a half day outing, also called Wardha Darsana, accompanied by Rev. Fr.Wilson Edattukaran CMI
Even though the sun was prickly by hot above us, it never bothered us as we were lost with our new friends enjoying the visuals out. First we went to the Gandhi ashram, a calm and silent place where all the memories of Gandhi were left behind, the place where he stayed, the trees that he planted, the place where he used to meditate, the educational institutions that he started, the cloths and other articles he used during his life time, everything was preserved so beautifully. There was a beautiful collection of all his photos and details about his life events. Above all we were blessed to have Fr. Wilson with us because he explained everything to us so that we may not miss even a single Site.
From there we moved on to the ashram of Vinoba Bave and visited some of his religious statue collection and his burial place. While back on the way we had our refreshments by the road side and moved on to Geetai Mandir and the important thing there was each verses of Bagavad Gita was carved on the marble stones and arranged so beautifully. After visiting all that, we moved on to a Buddhist stupa which was close to that. It was a perfect time to spend the evening with all the dark clouds taking control of the sky. It was a huge one and so beautiful that we had a lot of snaps there. When the sun started hiding from us, Fr. Wilson reminded us that it is getting late and we shall go back
On the way back we visited our parish church and thanked God for all his love for us and in no time we landed back in Darsana. With a word of gratitude to Fr. Wilson by our assistant beadle the Wardha Darsan ended there.

The out going students of Darsana were given a grand farewell by the first year brothers. On the eve of the farewell programme the award for the best philosophers were presented by Rev. Fr. Panthenus. Bro. Jerry Thekkineth was selecteas the best philosopher and Bro. ArunEyyalil, Bro. AlbinParakkadath also awarded with cash prizes. On this special occasion first year philosophers conducted a small and a sweet programme. The second year brothers gratefully remembered the all what they have received from Darsana community. On 30th morning they left for their respective provinces.

On 15-03-2015 we had our semestral gathering in the Acharya Porukkara Hall in the presence of Rev. Fr. Rector and the entire community. The semesteral gathering touched various areas of the life here in Darsana. The second semesteral gathering helped all the members to open their mind to the community and to find the community spirit in the Darsana community.


First year brothers are having their summer holidays in Darsana and in the North Indian missions. The first year brothers went for the village exposure to the mission provinces of Bellampalli, Bhopal, Bijnor, Chanda, Rajkot, Jagdalpur, and to Assam and Calcutta . All of us had a very good time in the mission stations. We express our sincere gratitude to Rev. Fr. Sebastian Alackapally CMI, the Rector, Rev. Father Provincials and the fathers who took care of us and gave us a family atmosphere in the mission stations.


The research on the history of Darsana has come out in a detailed form with the timely intervention of the superiors. It was Rev. Fr. Thomas Kadankavil CMI who took the great initiative to spend his valuable time here in Darsana by making research on the history of Darsana.We the Darsanites are very thankful to Fr. Thomas kadankavil CMI who spent almost two months in Darsana for writing the history.


Darsana is all set to welcome the new philosophers. This year the number of students in Darsana is more compared to the previous years. The new batch of 31 brothers will be arriving on 13th June. The inauguration of the new academic year 2015-16 will take place on June 22.


On 30 May the birth day of Rev. Fr. Rector was celebrated in a solemn way. In the morning, during the solemn Eucharistic celebration, we thanked the Good Lord for the gift of Fr. Rector and prayed for a healthy long life. In the evening, we had a grand celebration, in which we felicitated him with a song and Bro. Kiran spoke about the loving personality and the giftedness of Rev. Fr. Sebastian Alackapally CMI, the Rector.


On the eve of the Birthday celebration of St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara 10 newly ordained priests of CMI congregation who have finished their philosophy in Darsana paid a visit to Wardha and offered the Holy Eucharist. This year Darsana is so much joyful to welcome her 21 former students who have got ordained in the CMI congregation. The Holy Eucharist began with a solemn procession starting from the Darsana portico to the Darsana Mandir. Rev. Fr. Rector welcomed the young and vibrant priests of CMI congregation. The solemn Holy Eucharist followed by a small and sweet felicitation in the refectory. The neighbouring communities were also present for the Holy Eucharist. The new priests had a wonderful day again in Darsana and by evening all of them left to their own respective province because of their busy schedules.

The 13th batch of students belonging to different women religious congregations have successfully completed their year long Atmadarsan programme conducted in Darsana. At the culmination they made a colourful event to thank and felicitate all those who were helping them throughout this year. A great appreciation and applause to Rev. Fr. Wilson Edattukaran CMI, the director of Atmadarsan students and all the staff members who made the arrangements for the Atmadarsan programme. The Darsana brothers also played an important role in making the Valedictory Function more lively by helping to present it in a wonderful way.

The annual Darsana Endowement Lectures 2014-2015 was delivered by Rev. Fr. Jose Kuriedath CMI on the topic, Spiritual Empowerment as a Sadhana for Social Transformation. It was well attented by the Darsana inmates and members of various religious communities of Wardha. The lectures were appreciated by all as the topic was quite relevant in the context of the Canonization of St. Chavara and St. Euphrasia and the year for the Consecrated Life.


The first year philosophers of Darsana conducted a study on the encyclicals related to Consecrated Life and they presented their studies on the encyclicals in the Darsana community. There were three groups, and each group was entrusted with one document and each presentation was followed by discussions and questions. Rev. Fr. Roy Vettikuzhiyil CMI of Mysore province was the moderator of the elective presentation. All of us benefited from the study and presentation of the junior brothers. A heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the first year philosophers and to Rev. Fr. Wilson Edatttukaran who helped the brothers to have an elective presentation.

On 27th February, the prize distribution of DKS, Sports Competitions took place in the Acharya Thomas Porukkara Hall. Rev. Fr. Martin Kuzhivelil CMI, the guest professor after releasing the DSKS Yearly Report handed it over to Mr. Devidas. On this occasion all the brothers who won the arts and sports competitions were awarded with trophies and cash prizes. The team Pulse of Chavara stood first in the DKS competitions and the Red Group in the sports competitions. A special thanks to Rev. Fr. Rector for giving us such opportunities to grow in our talents and to improve them and also to Rev. Frs. Wilson Edattukaran CMI and Tomy Chirapurath CMI, the directors of DKS and DSKS respectively.


Reception to the Newly Elected Bishop of Chanda
On 13th August the Darsana community gave a cordial welcome and reception to the newly elected Bishop of Chanda, Monsignor Ephrem Nericulam. He was here for the supper accompanied by some of his relatives from Kerala. Fr. Rector welcomed him with a flower bouquet and Fr. Tomy Chirapurath introduced our new bishop to us and shared some of his previous experiences with him. Monsignor Ephrem spoke on the occasion and also requested for our prayers for his future ministry. His Episcopal Ordination will be conducted on 24th October 2014.Darsana community wishes him all the best for his future ministry.


St. Alphonsa Day
On the feast of St. Alphonsa we had a Solemn Mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Master. St. Alphonsa is the patroness of the second year brothers. Soon after the mass we had the installation of the portrait of St. Alphonsa in the senior brothers’ wing and of St. Chavara in the junior brothers’ wing. The photos were blessed by Fr. Rector. After the lunch the junior brothers had the colorful cultural programmes in order to fel icitate the senior brothers. The programme was named ‘Palette’ which means the blend of colors. We also had a friendly football match between seniors and juniors in the evening which was won by the junior brothers 2-0.






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